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2 September 2014

Pierrelecat in pictures | #11

So that was summer. And I couldn't resist re-living it in blog form with a few of my favourite photos...

Most recently it's been all about the new nose piercing, my favourite flowers, visiting this beautiful exhibition at The Baltic in Newcastle and some pretty awesome new shoes.

And that's just for starters.

29 August 2014

OOTD | Socks and shoes

I did something brave the other day.

I wore a dress. With a pair of Vans. And socks. 

In public.

16 August 2014

OOTD | Interview outfit inspiration

Everyone knows what I mean when I say work wardrobe.

For some people it's a uniform. For others it's clothes you can't quite bring yourself to get rid of so they've been repurposed. Sometimes it's just a collection of items that aren't particularly special but oh-so-functional.

The ultimate interview outfit though... Not everyone has that hanging in their wardrobe. Right?

14 August 2014

Wishlist | Kendal Calling festival

Fest Kendal Calling
A couple of weekends ago I headed to Kendal Calling, a music festival that happens right here in the Lake District.

I tried to pack all of the festival essentials by shopping my own wardrobe rather than wasting money on items of clothing I'll never wear again.

OK, OK... I admit it. I also came across a few items I'm considering adding to my new and improved minimal wardrobe (and hopefully packing) style... But I promise I have very good reasons.

13 August 2014

Document the every day.. #06

How good are unexpected days off?

Actually, I'll change that... How good are unexpected days off, with sun and an abandoned outdoor swimming pool?

27 July 2014

OOTD | In with the old

As my wardrobe clear out continues not only have I found clothes I'd forgotten about but I'm also starting to spot a bit of a pattern in the items that I'm saving.

And this outfit post features both of those things...


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