26 March 2015

Why I'll never be a beauty blogger

Yes, I've dabbled in nail art and yes, I've occasionally bought a lipstick I'm never going to wear just because the packaging looks fancy... But I'll never be a beauty blogger. 

15 March 2015

5 March 2015

Pierrelecat in pictures #12

It's been six months since I last shared a pierrelecat in pictures post. We've got some catching up to do.

3 February 2015

OOTD | What I'm wearing now

Have you ever had a piece of clothing that makes you think - this is exactly me.

26 January 2015

Document the every day | #07

It might sound bad, but the best thing about where I live is how easy it is to get away from it.

10 December 2014

Lifestyle | Pink is not my colour

According to the big brands, if you’re a girl and you decide to go outdoors this winter you’re going to want to wear pink. Or pastels.

Unsurprisingly I object.